Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in VoiceTool Productions; we look forward to learning more about you and your work.

3 steps:

Please fill out the form in its entirety, including image submissions, as follows:  
  1. Please copy and paste this page onto the body of an e-mail.  
  2. Put "VoiceTool Art Submission Form" in the subject line.
  3. Send the e-mail to:

Art Submission Form

I'm interested in submitting art for the following VoiceTool Productions event:

My contact information:

  • Name: _______________________________
  • Address:  _______________________________ 
  • Phone:  _______________________________ 
  • E-mail:  _______________________________ 
  • District in SF I live/work in:  ____________________________

My artist bio:

Please provide a brief description of the following:
  • Why you're interested in participating in the project, and 
  • Any other information that you feel will help us gather a sense of your work and who you are as an artist (e.g. your style, goals as an artist, previous projects/exhibitions, etc...):

My work:

Please submit images reflecting your style and body of work as a whole.  Please submit either JPEG images (via e-mail attachment) and/or a website exhibiting your work (in the space below).  

  • JPEG file names (attach to e-mail): 
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  • URL:
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Submission Guidelines:

A Little Bird Told Me... Communicating Street Harassment Concepts through the Arts


Thank you for your interest in VoiceTool Productions' efforts to stop street harassment.  The art submission guidelines for the event are as follows:

3 Steps:

1. Determine how you will participate in the event:

We are looking for artists who are extremely deviceful; the topic, goal, and content parameters, while distinct, will be like putty in your hands.

Artists may participate in either or both of the components of the event:

A. Submit a piece of art.
B. Participate in a "think tank" to determine how to continue addressing street harassment through the arts in SF.

2. If this is you, you're amazing.  Please fill out an art submission form!

3. Check out the following submission and event information:

Art Submissions 


  • How street harassment manifests and impacts your community (can include elemental issues).

Content parameters:

  • We'll be using birds (the gray catbird, to be exact) as a symbol to express the theme of harassment.  The reasoning is that birds can speak and be spoken to (give and receive input), so they can express harassment concepts metaphorically.  Even major communication media derive from birds' stylings (Tweet!), as will we:

    "I began re-thinking how I interact with people on the street one day when a little bird told me...."

    The bird theme will create a package-able theme:  something people will want to display that would also prompt discussion, be open to interpretation by any viewer without alienating people, and be reproducible as a slogan of sorts.  

    This will also make the pieces quite sell-able (without cliche, requiring minimal explanation to viewers, and able to stand alone), and attract a wider audience.

    • VoiceTool will derive logo ideas for its street harassment work from pieces displayed, so this has a contest element.  

  • Since this is an all-ages, community-oriented project, offensively adult content may be rejected. 


  • Art must be in my hands and ready to hang by July 15, 2012.


  • Pieces must be relatively flat and hang-able.


  • Any - as long as the piece is flat and hang-able.  
  • We are open to performance art and other work that fits the gallery space.  
    • Contact for more information.

Installation expected:

  • No.

Logistical details:

Gallery space:

Hanging and taking down the art:

  • VoiceTool will be hanging and taking down the art.  

Other benefits:

  • Artists will also get exposure to a crowd of progressive minded folks in SF, plus national exposure through internationally recognized Stop Street Harassment; Mama Art Cafe's website; and VoiceTool's blog.

For more information, contact: