Events - Past and Upcoming

Events - Past and Upcoming

Please click on the following links to learn more about past and upcoming events:

Street Harassment Awareness Events:


Meet Us on the Street (March 21, 2012)

VoiceTool Productions organized a rally to celebrate Anti-Street Harassment Awareness Week at the 16th Street BART station in San Francisco, to raise awareness and offer people resources to fight street harassment in public spaces.


A Little Bird Told Me...  Communicating Street Harassment Concepts through the Arts   COMING SOON!  (goal = week of 8/27)

We are organizing art event to address the issue of street harassment in San Francisco.  The issue is the catalyst of an international movement backed by renowned women's rights organizations, including HollaBack!, which is helping publicize the event.  

We are currently seeking participants:  artists who want to submit art, and artists and other individuals who want to participate in the think tank component of the event


Please see the event's Submission Guidelines for more information.

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