Information for Artists

Information for Artists

San Francisco's artist community,

VoiceTool Productions is coordinating an art event around the issue of Street Harassment.  The event entails a gallery show and a think tank element.

On this page:

  • Upcoming Events
    • A Little Bird Told Me... Communicating Street Harassment Concepts through the Arts
      • Submission Guidelines
        • Submission Form

Upcoming Events

    • We're looking for extremely deviceful artists (and other individuals) who want to use their gifts to address the issue of street harassment.  The goal of the event is raise awareness now through the arts, to create a culture shift.  People of all gender identities: talk to me - it's a complicated issue with lots of different components.  With art as our communication medium, we can reach so many people.  As artists, the topic and content parameters will be like putty in your hands.

Email for more information.


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